Who is Jesus Christ?

Today marks the start of a new series of blog posts from me on the topic of who is Jesus Christ?’. Of all the questions we could ever ask and seek an honest answer for, this one will be the most important. Beside this question, those about what job to do, who to get into a relationship with, what to study, where to live or what my ethical standards should be all seem quite trivial. Get the identity of Jesus Christ wrong and you consign yourself to an eternity of misery.

Obviously I already have firm views on who Jesus Christ is, but I’m also aware that there is much more I can learn about him and this is true for all Christians. My main source of information and themes for this series of posts will be the gospel of John because it gives deep insight into the person of Jesus from one of his closest friends. Also, it was while reading the gospel of John about 20 years ago that my eyes were opened to see that Jesus is more than just some dude who lived a long time ago.

So then, who is this guy? Let’s have a look at the first few verses of John’s gospel:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.

(John 1:1-2)

Taken out of context this is a little confusing — it clearly indicates that this Word’ is God, that the Word is a person, (He was with God in the beginning). It also states that the Word was with God ever since the beginning — beginning of what? If we look at Genesis 1:1 we see In the beginning …’ as the first words of the Bible. John is deliberately restating that phrase to show that in that same beginning (of all creation) the Word, who is a person and is God, was there.

The big question now is, who then is the Word?’ For an answer we need only look further down the page to John 1:14-17 where John states as an eyewitness that he has seen this Word in his glory as the only Son of the Father (God) and from the Word who became flesh John and others received grace. He then names the giver of grace — Jesus Christ.

So Jesus Christ is God, became flesh, gives grace and was with God in the beginning of all things.

Think about the magnitude of who Jesus Christ is, based on John 1:1-2.

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