Weeding vs Roundup

I have some weedkiller in my garden shed. I don’t like using the stuff but we have ivy and blackberry growing wild which are almost impossible to control aside from a targeted spray with Roundup. Unfortunately it also kills any other plant it hits, so I have to be careful with it.

Jesus told a parable about agricultural weed control strategies in Matthew 13:24-30. Rather than a blanket weed eradication programme during the growing season, God uses an intensive weeding process during harvest. Modern agricultural scientists might scoff at such a strategy — surely it is better to use a genetically modified Roundup ready’ crop seed and then spray the entire field with glyphosate to eradicate the weeds using minimal labour and allowing optimal growing conditions for the crop.

Well, Jesus gives an explanation explaining the symbolism of his parable in Matthew 13:36-43. The reason for God’s strategy is alluded to in Matthew 13:31-32; faith starts very small and must be given time to grow. The kingdom of God will grow bigger than all else that has been sown in the world. God is patient, He will not use weedkiller, rather He wants us to continue sowing seed until the very end of the age (Matthew 28:19-20).

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