The only-ness’ of Jesus

…the only Son from the Father… (John 1:14)

Jesus (the Word) was with God in the beginning (John 1:1-2) and all things were created through him (John 1:3). Therefore we should not think of the ‘sonship’ of Jesus as coming about due to being born or created from the Father. The Son is a person distinct from the Father (Mark 1:11) but he is God and always has been.

Which all means that the phrase only Son from the Father’ is not primarily saying that Jesus is born of the Father (as the KJV implies) but rather refers to the uniqueness of Jesus. He is the Son of God in that he is exactly like the Father in all his divine attributes. He is the ‘only Son’ in that he is unique, only Jesus is the Son of God, just as Isaac was the ‘only’ son of Abraham (Genesis 22:2) in the sense of being fully and uniquely the son of Abraham, born of Abraham’s wife, Sarah.

Jesus is the unique Son of God who knows all of his Father’s will, he is the only one who gives life (John 1:4), he is the only one who is the light (John 1:5), and he is the only one who can give the right to become children of God (John 1:12). Jesus is only way by which we can come to the Father (John 14:6) and he is the only one who makes known the Father’s will to us (John 15:15). Jesus is the only way we are reconciled to God (Romans 5:6-11) and the only source of the free gift of righteousness and justification for all (Romans 6:17-18).

There is only one Christ, and in Christ alone we have life and salvation. In a confused and darkened world, people do not like the idea of Jesus as the only way of salvation, as the only source of truth. But disliking or even hating the truth does not make it any less true. Jesus Christ is the only way, but he is the way for all.

Are you prepared to suspend your dislike of the exclusive claims of Jesus in order to consider the all-welcoming generosity of those same claims?

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