Tell me what you think

It generally takes me at least 2 hours to write a blog post. This time is often spread over a couple of days as I think through what I want to write, jot down some ideas in my notebook, write a draft of the post, tidy up my lousy writing, find a picture if I want one, edit the post, preview it and find yet more mistakes to edit, then click publish. That’s for an easy post. Some have taken considerably longer and there are a couple in my drafts folder which look set to take upwards of 20 hours by the time research is taken into account.

I enjoy this effort and overall I am convinced that writing this blog has helped me grow greatly in my Christian walk. The fact that a few people are interested in reading the end result is a bonus (and feels like a pat on the back, thank you all).

As I consider future directions for this blog there is no shortage of ideas rattling around in my head, but it is now feeling like a joint-enterprise between me writing and you visiting to read the end result. Therefore I’d love it if you would take five minutes to do the survey below to let me know your views on what you would like to see here. It is completely anonymous and therefore you can be totally honest. You won’t hurt my feelings my being critical – my worst critic lives inside my head and I really do want to make this a blog worth reading so truthful feedback is extremely valuable.

So, a huge Thank You for reading so far, and another Thank You for filling out the survey. There are 8 questions and it should only take about 5 minutes.

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