Everyday Life


Eventually the only thing remaining that is good for my soul is what God has done. Fortunately my wife realizes this before I and arranges for us all to get away for a weekend. Forty-five minutes up the road to a simple little cottage, the legacy of a lady who lived a hundred years. Now […]


Having a break

Just a quick note to let you know that there will be few (if any) posts for the next 7 days because our family is off to Omarama for a holiday. We will be staying in a caravan and the laptop is staying at home, so even if internet access is available I don’t expect […]


A weaned child

Do you ever miss the irresponsibility of childhood? When your needs were met by parents and you just got on with living rather than worrying. In my previous post I cited  Psalm 131 as an example of being focused on what is most important. The image of a weaned child resting upon its mother has […]