Everyday Life

A father’s love

I had an interesting conversation with my 6 year-old son this evening. He has been ‘disengaged’ at school and told me that school is boring and he just wants to play with his Lego. We talked about how learning new stuff is fun and that being able to count is useful. I explained that all […]


The beautiful people

I have just discovered that yesterday (NZ)/today (USA) is/was World Down Syndrome Day. As a teenager I attended school with two classmates (in a class of 27 students) who were Down Syndrome. Despite my typically teenagerish bad attitudes initially, I grew to greatly appreciate these students and in retrospect realize I learned a vast amount […]


Love in pain

Recently I have been a bit stuck for what I should be writing about. There are some topics I’d like to address, but I’ve felt as though this is not the correct time for me to venture my as yet partially-formed thoughts on certain issues. Then this morning while my son trashed our house and […]


Whatever is lovely

Love one another with brotherly affection. (Romans 12:10) Our church had a ‘bring and share’ service today – no sermon, instead members of the congregation shared how God has been at work in their lives. One person spoke of God’s grace in helping overcome character weaknesses, a family of God’s sustaining them through a tough […]