Quit working

Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow as each day has enough worries of it’s own. In Exodus God supplied enough food for each day only, forcing His people to look to Him for their provision rather than their own cleverness or hard work. When God and wise Christians tell me to be faithful to the tasks in front of me today, trusting God for tomorrow I nod in agreement while internally I am still seeking security in what I can do, planning, worrying and fretting.

Servant girl denials

Satan doesn’t leap into our path dressed in a silly red suit with pointy horns and pitchfork in hand, announcing he will now proceed to test our faith. Instead, someone who we actually quite like and respect says in a slightly incredulous tone, “you don’t honestly believe God created the universe do you?”, or “how can you seriously think there is only one path to eternal life?” or “only a nutter would believe in the devil”.