April in review

A look back at what I’ve learned in April 2015.


God in a brothel

In this book Daniel Walker describes how sex abuse of children sucks their souls out leaving an empty body – like J.K. Rowling’s Dementors but even more terrifying because it is not make believe. Every man who has battled lust should read this book and fight that demon sin with renewed vigour as a result. Sex trafficking is a many-headed monster but we must fight it on all fronts.


The real, real world

That time again: 5 minute Friday. This week’s word is real. The task: Write for 5 minutes, no fixing and fiddling, just write. Learning to be real and realistic: Real: actual, genuine. Realistic: seeing or accepting things as they really are, practical. The first eighteen years of my life were based on these ideas. I liked to stick with […]