Small changes add up

Takeaway coffee cup

Here is a link to a positive move by my employer to reduce one source of waste — disposable coffee cups:

Change that counts: Individual cup choices = big difference Three cafés on the Dunedin campus going single-use disposable cup free from Monday will stop about 1,400 cups going to landfill every week — and eventually the whole University aims to be on board.

I must admit that the reusable takeaway cup I have and occasionally use (I don’t buy takeaway coffee very frequently) is made of plastic so may itself become a pollutant some day, but I applaud the move away from single use cups. Something I’m noticing is that some of the ways my grandparents packaged and carried things are coming back into consideration as the environmental costs of our current lifestyles come under scrutiny. Glass bottles and waxed paper would be two examples.

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