2017 Reading

abstract illustration of an old man with books on his head and the words, read and think on the background.

The books I'm currently reading and have already finished this year. Also my 'slow reads', books I read slowly in order to savour them.

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Reasons for Reading.

black and white icon of a person reading a book

I love reading. I particularly love reading books. Blogs and websites and short documents are fine, but they cannot compare to the pleasure of reading a good book.

Aside from a general preference for books, there are many reasons why I read. Why I am reading not only influences what I choose to read but also how I read it. Some books are read slowly from cover to cover, others are skimmed, some are dipped into as the mood takes me, and then there are the reference tomes that are only read in small bits as required.

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Poems I Have Read

photo of a bearded man with dark hair and glasses reading a book set against a dark background

A few years ago I began a challenge to read 1001 poems in 1001 days. Unfortunately I did not complete the challenge within that time frame but it did start me on a good habit of consuming a poem or two for breakfast and sometimes also for lunch or a snack in the evening. I like to savour each poem so one or two at a time is plenty for me. I do find that reading poetry is good to slow me down and help me to ponder the meaning and impact of the poet’s words.

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2016 Reading

cartoon illustration of a boy reading a book set against a blue background

I read a lot of fiction in 2016, particularly fantasy novels (the entire 'Wheel of Time' series and started 'Game of Thrones'). The Luminaries was an excellent book that had been sitting on my shelf for over a year before I was game to dive into such a thick tome.

For non-fiction, the self-help books ranged from complete garbage through to outstanding.

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2008 Reading

line drawing of a boy reading a book with four other books stacked beside him

There are a finite number of hours in my life, and only a limited number of books that I can read, here are the ones I read in 2008.

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