Praying for the Shan-Tai people

Earlier this week I received an update from Desiring God ministries about praying for the Shan-Tai people of Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and China during the month of October. In response to this, and as one response to what I posted yesterday, I have committed myself to pray daily for the Shan-Tai people during October. As part of this, to make myself accountable and hopefully to encourage additional prayer from others, I will post a brief update each day in addition to my usual blog posts.

The Desiring God update is included below:

A Month of Prayer for the Shan-Tai

The unreached Shan-Tai people, related to the Thai of Thailand, number 5-7 million and live in Burma, Thailand, and China.

The Shan are Buddhist. Every year Shan celebrate numerous Buddhist festivals with colorful costumes and traditional dances. The grip of Buddhism is strong. Shan who leave Buddhism to follow Christ are shunned and often forced out of their village.

The Shan are also Animist. They deeply fear evil spirits and believe the only way to avoid harassment and misfortune is to appease them through offerings and rituals.

Missionaries began working with the Shan more than a century ago, yet the Shan church remains small and many Shan believers lack boldness to reach out to other Shan with the gospel. They are still very much unreached.

But God is at work. Over the past decade more believers have begun praying for the Shan and the Lord is raising up workers from multiple organizations to go out into the Shan harvest fields. Still, many more are needed.

We believe that now is a key time for the worldwide church to fervently pray for the Shan. Last October, several churches committed to praying. This year we are asking the Lord to raise up 1,000 intercessors to pray daily for the Shan united with the 30 Days of Prayer for the Shan” prayer guide.

Will you join us? Here’s how:

  • Download the 30 Days of Prayer for the Shan booklet (PDF).

  • Pray daily for the Shan, October 1–30.

  • Consider getting together with believers (a few or many) at your church on October 30 or 31 for a time of intercession for the Shan.

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