Poems I read in 2019

Poems that I have read in 2019:

Poems marked with ★ are ones I particularly enjoyed.

  1. The Stairs at Korcula by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  2. On Credo Ut Intelligans by William Bronk (Selected Poems). ★ ★
  3. Grain of her Voice by Susan Wardell (Landfall 235). ★
  4. The Beekeepers by Ruth Corkill (Landfall 235). ★ ★
  5. The Body of This Life by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  6. That Something There is Should Be by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  7. The Abnegation by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  8. the mine wife by Tracey Slaughter (Landfall 235). ★
  9. The Age of Reason by Lynley Edmeades (Landfall 235).
  10. Epilogue by Alice Miller (Landfall 235).
  11. The Incarnation by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  12. Civitas Dei by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  13. I Feel Sorry for the Garden by Forugh Farrokhzad. ★ ★
  14. The Mask the Wearer of the Mask Wears by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  15. The Sense of Passage by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  16. The Mind’s Limitations Are its Freedom by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  17. The Ignorant Lust After Knowledge by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  18. Beatific Effigies by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  19. Sheltered Bay by Brent Cantwell (Landfall 235).
  20. Before Swearing Off Sentimentality Forever by Art Nahill (Landfall 235).
  21. A Love Letter to My Mother by wen-Juenn Lee (Landfall 235).
  22. Lorne Street by Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor (Landfall 235).
  23. For Steve at 40 by Mark Edgecombe (Landfall 235).
  24. from Fancy Dancing by Bernadette Hill (Landfall 235).
  25. The Companion to Volcanology by Brent Kinmont (Landfall 235).
  26. What Dropped by Brent Kinmont (Landfall 235).
  27. Silence, Emptiness by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  28. Paradise Now and Then by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  29. Given by Mark Broatch (Landfall 235).
  30. The Merry Peasant by Charles Olsen (Landfall 235). ★
  31. Irresponsible Late-night Splenetic by Charlotte Simmons (Landfall 235).
  32. Love Poem by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  33. A Hope for Frank and Anne by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  34. The Basic Wonder by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  35. The Real World by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  36. The Voice by Dunstan Ward (Landfall 235). ★ ★
  37. A Writer Wrongs by Nick Ashcroft (Landfall 235).
  38. Home by Rachel Connor (Landfall 235).
  39. The Duck and the Kangaroo by Edward Lear (Nonsense).
  40. The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear (Nonsense).
  41. The Occupation, Against Time by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  42. Poem by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  43. The Proof by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  44. A poem for Thomas Merton & Ernest Hemmingway by Alistair Paterson (Poetry NZ Yearbook 2018).
  45. To Praise the Music by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  46. About Dynamism, Desire and Various Fictions by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  47. The False Way to the Real by Tam Vosper (Landfall 235).
  48. Cold Speculum by Rebecca Hawkes (Landfall 235).
  49. The Limits of Knowledge by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  50. The Abjuration Avowed by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  51. Add Penetrant to Preferred Broadleaf Herbicide & Devastate the Wildflowers by Rebecca Hawkes (Landfall 235). ★
  52. The Elaboration by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  53. Watching Alison in Winter by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  54. Your Absence by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  55. Plaster Cast by Zoë Meager (Landfall 235).
  56. Privet by Sarah Scott (Landfall 235).
  57. Friendly Fire by Sarah Scott (Landfall 235).
  58. Betty As a Boy by Sugar magnolia Wilson (Landfall 235).
  59. Put by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  60. The Elusions of Desire by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  61. The Touch by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  62. The Non-Lying Figures by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  63. The Contention by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  64. The Emptiness of Human Being by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  65. The Tell by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  66. The Natural Sciences by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  67. Ontology Offers a Hindrance to Humanism by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  68. The White Pebble by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  69. Two Songs for Morag by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  70. The Spell by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  71. In the Tent, Elche by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  72. Today by Erik Kennedy (Landfall 235).
  73. Tick Boxes by Johanna Emeney (Landfall 235).
  74. Nails by Jac Jenkins (Landfall 235).
  75. Winter Feed by Tony Beyer (Landfall 235).
  76. The Passage by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  77. The World by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  78. Late Summer’s Pigs by Michael Hall (Landfall 235).
  79. Drought by Janet Newman (Landfall 235). ★
  80. Hīnātore by James Tremlett (Landfall 235). ★ ★
  81. What You Can Do by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  82. Like an Island Downriver From Us by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  83. The Intended Taste by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  84. The Lullaby by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  85. Succoth by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  86. Life Supports by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  87. Unsatisfied Desire by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  88. The Destroyer of Life by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  89. Weathers We Live In by William Bronk (Selected Poems). ★ ★
  90. Evaluation by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  91. The Wants of Life by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  92. The Rumination of Rivers by William Bronk (Selected Poems). ★
  93. Careless Love by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  94. Winter Vocative by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  95. Your Way Too by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  96. Deaf Beethoven by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  97. Frailty by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  98. Taupiri Mountain by Jessie Puru (Landfall 235).
  99. A Campus at Night by Kim Fulton (Landfall 235).
  100. Physics Department by Kim Fulton (Landfall 235).
  101. Courtly Love by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  102. Living Instead by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  103. The Look Back by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  104. Old Testament by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  105. I Am by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  106. Insynthetic by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  107. Red Suitcase by Lynette Thorstensen (Landfall 235).
  108. Do You Know My Poetry? by Jeremy Roberts (Landfall 235).
  109. Forget It by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  110. Sixth Day by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  111. The Writer by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  112. Left Alone by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  113. Who’s There by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  114. Easy Virtue by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  115. The Seeing Eye by William Bronk (Selected Poems).
  116. Morning by William Bronk (Selected Poems). ★
  117. Whatever is Lovely by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  118. Not With Words of Eloquent Wisdom by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  119. Stephen’s Stones by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  120. The Prince of the Power of the Air by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  121. The Prayer by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  122. The River by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  123. Searching by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  124. The Seasons/If I Will Sing There by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  125. Pavilion by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  126. A Death in the Family by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems). ★
  127. Saul Complains About the Way by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  128. The Road to Damascus by Tania Runyan (Second Sky). ★
  129. August in Paris by Billy Collins (Ballistics). ★
  130. Brightly Coloured Boats Upturned on the Banks of the Charles by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  131. Searching by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  132. The Four-Moon-Planet by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  133. Evasive Maneuvers by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  134. The God Who Watches Over All Perhaps by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  135. Poetics by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  136. The Old Man’s Example by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  137. The Clown At The Death Of His Wife by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  138. August by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  139. The Poems of Others by Billy Collins (Ballistics). ★ ★
  140. Aubade by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  141. No Things by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  142. The Day is at Hand by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  143. Perfected By the Flesh by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  144. Ananias Speaks to Saul by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  145. The Oreti River by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  146. Morag’s Valediction by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  147. For President Johnson on the Shores of America by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  148. The First Night by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  149. January in Paris by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  150. Every Knee Shall Bow by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  151. Lydia, Dealer in Purple Cloth by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  152. Put on the New Self by Tania Runyan (Second Sky). ★
  153. Who Will Deliver Me From This Body of Death by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  154. Sounding The Dark by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  155. Your Room by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  156. Buckets by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  157. Wings by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  158. Ballistics by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  159. Pornography by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  160. Greek and Roman Statuary by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  161. Quiet by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  162. Scenes of Hell by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  163. The Visitor by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  164. Poem by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  165. The Incision by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  166. The Poetry Reading by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  167. Ornaments by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  168. The Collection by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  169. Wintrous by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  170. Turtle by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  171. Hippos on Holiday by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  172. Carpe Diem by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  173. Lost by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  174. Dublin by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  175. New Year’s Day by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  176. The Day Lassie Died by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  177. Tension by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  178. The Golden Years by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  179. Paul Proclaims in the Synagogue by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  180. The Prison Guard at Philippi Speaks by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  181. Vermont, Early November by Billy Collins (Ballistics). ★
  182. The Effort by Billy Collins (Ballistics). ★
  183. The Lamps Unlit by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  184. China by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  185. Looking Forward by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  186. (detail) by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  187. Flight of the Statues by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  188. Passivity by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  189. Ornithography by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  190. Baby Listening by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  191. Bathtub Families by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  192. Despair by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  193. The Idea of Natural History at Key West by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  194. The Fish by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  195. A Dog on His Master by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  196. The Great American Poem by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  197. What Love Does by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  198. Divorce by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  199. China by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  200. Liu Yung by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  201. This Little Piggy Went to Market by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  202. China by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  203. Le Chien by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  204. Addendum by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  205. On the Death of a Next Door Neighbor by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  206. Separation by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  207. Adage by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  208. Old Man Eating Alone in a Chinese Restaurant by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  209. The Breather by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  210. Oh, My God! by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  211. The Mortal Coil by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  212. The Future by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  213. Envoy by Billy Collins (Ballistics).
  214. Count it All as Loss by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  215. Bearing Fruit and Growing by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  216. I Can Do All Things by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  217. Paul Speaks After Blinding Elymas by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  218. The Contract by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  219. Last Sonnet by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  220. The Calendar by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  221. The Greatest of These by Tania Runyan (Second Sky). ★ ★
  222. The Faith to be Made Well by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  223. Cadillac Ranch by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  224. All Creation Groans by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  225. Not By Sight by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  226. How Great A Struggle I Have for You by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  227. Paul Considers the Viper by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  228. Summer by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  229. It is Nearly Summer by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  230. City Life by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  231. The kiss by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  232. The Collaboration by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  233. Leaving Home by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  234. The L&R Song by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  235. The Snow by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  236. On Originality by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  237. The Importance of Personal Relationships by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  238. The Proposition by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems). ★
  239. The Procedure by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  240. Bones by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  241. The paperweight by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  242. Pickpocket by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  243. The Cinema by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  244. The Directory by Bill Manhire (Collected Poems).
  245. Man is Without Excuse by Tania Runyan (Second Sky). ★
  246. Paul Discusses His Dealings at Ephesus by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  247. Buried With Him In His Death by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  248. All We Ask or Imagine by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  249. How Beautiful the Feet by Tania Runyan (Second Sky). ★
  250. That Your Love May Abound by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  251. Temple of The Holy Spirit by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  252. The Fruit of The Spirit by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  253. Visiting The Museum After A Charismatic Church Service by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  254. Areopagus by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  255. Artemis of Ephesis by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  256. Onesimus Speaks by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  257. Sacrifice of Praise by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).
  258. Pilgrimage by Tania Runyan (Second Sky).