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Mike's Musings
Book learning Feb 20, 2018 As I’ve been reading and researching information about writing for the web, I realised that it will save me time to find a book on the topic by If there are rules for writing well Feb 19, 2018 they are at best provisional insofar as each instance of a well-done story teaches us anew what a story can be Reading on the web Feb 16, 2018 The famous answer by Jakob Nielson to “How do users read on the web?” is “They don’t.” Very few web users read written web content word-for-word. My current notebook Feb 15, 2018 This is a bit of a geeky post. I thought I would start keeping tabs on the notebooks and writing sticks I use. I already have reasonably strong Hot in Dunedin Feb 15, 2018 Today has been a scorcher in Dunedin, 29° in town and 33° at the airport when we went out to pick up Iona at 5:30pm. It was sunny all day with a bit On editing harshly Feb 14, 2018 I came across an interesting little post about how to write (and edit) a blog post which is fairly realistic about how the process really happens. How I slowly read the internet Feb 14, 2018 Now that I’ve misled you with that headline, I should clarify that I slowly read select snippets of content from the internet. As my wife has told Some reasons why I have my own website Feb 13, 2018 Digging through my massive archive of Evernote clippings I came across one from a guy named Brett Slatkin in which he outlines some reasons why he I found some ‘lost’ blog posts Feb 12, 2018 One of my goals with this blog is to keep a record of my thoughts, ideas, plans and actions for posterity (whatever form ‘posterity’ actually Bell’s Palsy Feb 12, 2018 My lack of blog posts over this last week has not been entirely due to laziness (though I must admit to an element of that as a contributing Fort Feb 8, 2018 My wife convinced me to build a play fort for my son’s birthday. It seems to have come together OK: Ouchy eye Feb 7, 2018 Sorry, no post today — I have a very sore eye and cannot cope with screens. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. The serpent was cunning Feb 6, 2018 Reading in Genesis chapter 3 yesterday I noticed a couple of things about Satan’s temptation of Eve. Firstly, it is stated that the serpent was more Daily blogging is good Feb 5, 2018 A little confirmation that daily writing is a good approach for a personal blog: The hobbyists (and one prominent pro — Seth Godin) profess that Changing my writing routine Feb 5, 2018 I’m trying to change my writing routine so that I get back to drafting my posts in a notebook and later transcribe this (with edits) into WordPress. A gentle tree Feb 4, 2018 My well of inspiration for post topics has run dry today so I am going to emulate a friend and write about trees. My favourite tree is the Kowhai, Fire and flooding Feb 1, 2018 Since this time (9:30pm) yesterday Dunedin has experienced both fire and flooding. Today was a more familiar temperature of 12–16°C, but the rain Always an idea Feb 1, 2018 I read to discover meaning. Obviously there is meaning in the words I read. But there is much more than that. I keep reading to experience the jolt Personal blogging and online privacy Jan 31, 2018 Continuing from my post yesterday about the IndieWeb, rel=me and anti-patterns, I’ve also been considering adding h-card information to my sidebar. A hot day but a storm is coming Jan 31, 2018 Today reached a high of 34°C in Dunedin and even now at 10:30pm it is still 26°. But that’s due to change in about an hour when a deep low left over Next page