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Master list of books I have read May 21, 2018 Last updated: 9 January 2019 This list is in the order of author surname. I began keeping lists of the books I read each year in 2004 but even then Dead trees make better books May 16, 2018 My 4th generation Kindle device died a miserable death several weeks ago. I was annoyed because I was enjoying a good book when the screen froze and Books I should read May 15, 2018 I already have a list of books I’ve bought and need to read in order to justify spending money on them. That list alone is rather long, but then Flamin’ bus is late May 9, 2018 Dunedin has a fairly elderly fleet of buses, but at least they don’t burst into flames with alarming frequency as do the buses in Rome: Why do Focussing on practice Apr 26, 2018 I was reading Chris Bowler’s most recent email newsletter today. In the intro he makes the comment: It has simply been a matter of waiting and The price of knowing good and evil Apr 7, 2018 In Genesis 2:17 God tells Adam not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then in Genesis 3:5 the serpent deceived Eve into Deleting Facebook Mar 29, 2018 Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and deleted my Facebook account. I’ve been working towards this for the last few months by transferring stuff I What if all I want is a mediocre life? Mar 27, 2018 I posted a link to this blog post by Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui some time ago on Facebook but want to link to it here because I think it expresses Amygdalae and blogging Mar 27, 2018 The telling of stories helps us to rewire the brain and reattach emotional significance to the memories we have. The act of being creative helps to New name, new host, same blog Mar 15, 2018 Yesterday I made a couple of changes to my blog, though I’m hoping that you will barely notice one of them. The change you will most likely Eliminating human interaction Mar 8, 2018 I’ve only this week become aware of a retail revolution that causes me significant anxiety the more I learn about it. The poster child of this Small b blogging Mar 6, 2018 I’m interested in encouraging people to blog, in whatever way works for them. I recently found the following post which does just that: Small b Don’t try to be an expert if you’re not one Mar 6, 2018 Don’t fall into the trap of being an expert before you’re ready. We have enough of those. Sean Blanda, The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Disadvantages of always carrying a notebook Mar 5, 2018 For at least the last five years I have carried a small notebook in my back pocket, a habit I highly recommend. I very seldom use my iPhone to Pet tragedy Mar 2, 2018 Last Saturday we had a distressing accident with one of our baby rabbits. A plank of wood which held down the rain cover over one of our rabbit Meet Marshmallow Mar 2, 2018 Furry Friday cuteness, meet Marshmallow — as named by my son (the white baby bunny, Dusty her mum is in the background). The Works we will not finish Feb 28, 2018 I highly recommend this post about the unfinished business of our lives and fulfilling the calling of Christ. The call to the disciples was never An About page (finally) Feb 22, 2018 Today’s writing was to finally put an “About” page on this blog. I find these the hardest part of a website to write and I will revise what I wrote Near miss Feb 21, 2018 I have worked in labs for a long time and it is generally a pretty safe work environment despite what some folks imagine. However, occasionally Anorexic web writing Feb 21, 2018 A good article on some of the things that make web writing insipid and inspiration to do better: Reviving Anorexic Web Writing by Amber Simmons Next page