It seems that 5 minute Friday has morphed this week into a six-minute Saturday, but I’m still joining the gypsymama,  with the word prompt for this week which is:


When I first considered this word prompt I thought of an open door representing opportunity. Then there is the idea of being open towards others – something this blogging lark has helped me with personally because I have always been very introverted and closed but am learning that such closedness is in fact very damaging to me.

However, what really sticks in my mind regarding “open” is that now the Kingdom of God is open to me, because Jesus opened his arms to receive the nails on that cross and his heart was opened also, receiving a spear. As his side was pierced and the blood and water flowed, my salvation was purchased.  His open wounds have opened my own heart to the call He issued: follow me. And so, stumblingly I close another year and perch ready to open a new one with a focus on the opportunities open before me.