Everyday Life

Only thanks

God appears to be ordering events such that I am being kept from completing any blog posts at this time. With that in mind this one will be simple – my continuing list of thanksgiving to God.

Gifts I have noticed this week:

513) Eating toast and reading the Bible at midnight.
514) John 6:47
515) Serving others by filling up the water filter.
516) A broken egg for the dog to lick up.
517) Little boy sound asleep with toy trucks in his bed.
518) Left over chocolate fondue made by my girls.
519) Opportunity to walk to work.
520) Four layers of merino keeping me warm on a cold day.
521) Little reminders of where I am failing to serve those I love.
522) 30 minutes in a quiet house with a Bible.
523) Being able to help just one child suffering in poverty.
524) A cold morning cutting firewood with friends.
525) A weekend snowstorm.
526) Remembering to update computer anti-virus software.
527) Too many good blogs to have time to read.
528) Reminders that ordinary life counts for a lot.
529) Friends making it home safely.
530) Choosing to walk to work through snow and ice rather than taking the car and potentially crashing it.
531) Snow for the kids to play in.
532) Rain washing the snow away.
533) A spare sermon already written.
534) Asking my wife how I can help her feel more secure that I will never leaver her.
535) Her honest answer.
536) The tingle I feel when she kisses me (merino + synthetic fleece = electricity between us!)
537) A job which occupies my mind and my time.
538) Seeing again who I am and what I love.