Netted recently, June 5

Netted recently:
  • Michael Hyatt (Chairman of Christian Publishing house Thomas Nelson) contends that there are too many low quality books flooding the market:

… I contend that we need better books not more books. I can’t tell you how many books I started this past year and never finished. Why? Because, frankly, they weren’t worth finishing. Most of them left me underwhelmed. The authors would have done better to boil down the content and make it a magazine article. (Too Many Books, Too Few Shelves)

We have introduced a whole lot of devices that prevent us from ever being bored … every physical space we might go is now jammed to the rafters with things demanding our attention,” she said.

We might have traded boredom for suddenly being overloaded.”

Bell, who has spent her career researching how people interact with technology, advocated bringing a bit of boredom back into our lives”.

She said being bored was actually a moment where our brain gets to reset itself”, and while devices worked best when they’re constantly connected, human beings worked better when they were intermittently disconnected.

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