Forced to think by lack of a little rubber thingy


I took the dogs for a walk this afternoon, anticipating listening to my iPod while puffing up Signal Hill. However, when I pulled said device from my pocket it was missing one of the little rubber things that make the in-ear’ earbuds fit properly so I could not listen to my music or a podcast.

It seemed a bit pathetic for such minor defect could make a high tech gadget practically useless to me at that moment, but there was not much for it but to walk on with my own thoughts as company rather than those of somebody else being broadcast into my head. So I got some thinking time:

  • I thought about how technology lets us down, like the broken reed that Egypt was to Israel (2 Kings 18:21).

  • I listened to scrunching gravel under my feet.

  • I thought about an update released yesterday for a computer game I like, and about how many hours I have already wasted on that game.

  • I listened to the panting of my dog as he chased the pine cone I was kicking for him.

  • I thought about the book I recently read which claims to show signs that the end of the world is near.

  • I heard the cacophony of thoughts in my head.

  • I thought about friends and thanked God for them.

  • I listened to the faint background of dissatisfaction in my heart.

  • I thought about technology as a tool and realized how absurd it is to let the tool constrain the creativity of its user.

  • I listened to light rain falling on me (and my notebook).

  • I thought about how reliant I have become upon having the words of others spoken to me at the touch of a click wheel.

  • I listened to the wind blowing in the trees (see John 3:8).

  • My heart reveled in its freedom to think it’s own thoughts. I even prayed. I thanked God for taking away my crutch and making me talk to Him.

After all this I made a resolution, which I will tell you about tomorrow!

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