Using Custom Fonts on WordPress

One of my concerns with using WordPress for my site is that it is a bit more tricky to use custom fonts because the site code includes PHP and JavaScript in addition to html and CSS. I’m not trained as a programmer so quickly get out of my depth with anything beyond simple html or CSS.

My initial attempt involved using a child theme to include some @font-face CSS selectors. In theory this is a good way to address the problem, but my lack of understanding of PHP stalled my progress and was rapidly making a mockery of my desire to use WordPress to speed up my blogging.

After a good night’s sleep I decided to look for a plugin option. I found a promising one called Custom Fonts┬áby “Brainstorm Force” which was easy to use and worked well. However, it requires specific themes┬áto work (I chose one called Astra). When I had a look into this theme it is very complex and I really want to keep my site as simple as possible so kept searching for another option.

The one I settled on is Use Any Font, which is free to install and trial but cost me US$10 (NZ$16.21) to activate. This is OK for the convenience and time savings it gives me as it does exactly what I want.

There are loads of plugins that use Google fonts and these are very popular, but I am trying to avoid Google products and tracking codes on this site, hence fewer options and having to pay for them. Such is life without spyware.