I’ve made a very deliberate choice to avoid any Google products/services on this site. This does mean I pay good money for fonts and analytics, but that’s what I believe in.


I am using custom fonts from the Klim Type Foundary in Wellington, New Zealand. The sans serif font is Karbon and the serif font is Tiempos.


This site is hosted by Webhosting NZ. The servers are located in Auckland, NZ which is appropriate for a Kiwi site and has the advantage of avoiding currency conversion charges.

My domain registrar is Iwantmyname, a company that started in Wellington, NZ and subsequently infected the world. I have used this company for about 5 years now and love the convenience and security of their web interface and responsiveness of their support. They make domain registration easy.


I value your privacy so use Simple Analytics to collect basic statistics about how many visits each page on the site receives.


I currently use a second-hand, early 2015, 13-inch MacBook Air. Text editor is the free version of BBEdit, and web browser is Safari. Dropbox, Evernote and Fastmail are indispensable services.


The current site design is brazenly stolen from Frank Chimero.