Christ the Lord

The word JESUS with many other descriptive words

Luke 2:8-20 captures the wonder and glory of the incarnation of God as a baby boy. This is one of the few times during his earthly ministry when the glory of Jesus is glimpsed. An angel, the glory of the Lord shining all around and a multitude of the heavenly host singing of God’s glory!

If you had been one of those shepherds, what would you remember about this experience 20 years later?

I know I would remember the sound and light display — literally out of this world, and totally without precedent in a time when candles en-mass were impressive. I would also remember fear, anyone living in Judea knew that to encounter the living God meant death, remember Uzzah? (2 Samuel 6:6-7)

What about the baby? He was pretty ordinary, his parents were poor and nothing much has been heard of him after the horrible slaughter by Herod’s troops. Rumour is that the family were warned and left town before that abominable carnage, but since then nobody knows what happened to them. If he was really the king of Israel surely he would be revealed by now, Joash was seven when he was revealed as the rightful king (2 Kings 11:2-12). This baby would be a man by now, if he is the king he should take his rightful place.

And what about the angel calling him Christ the Lord’? That just doesn’t make sense, how can a baby be the Lord’? In fact, how could a man be the Lord’?

From Isaiah 6:1-4 to Isaiah 53:2-12, the Son of God emptied himself (Philippians 2:5-7) to become our saviour. He was still God, but he was a man. Will we ever comprehend how far he came?

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