Changing seasons

Autumn colors in the Greater Khingan Mountains of China.

It is interesting how our lives go through seasons. During some periods there is hope in the air, new growth, and life moves forward. At other times the stifling heat of worries and cares slow the pace down such that it can feel like I am dragging myself through the days, happy but exhausted. Then there can be times of gloom and hardness, no new growth, grey all around with little sign of any reprieve.

As with seasons in nature, I find it is not until I’m well into a new season and look back that it becomes obvious the season has changed — day by day the changes are imperceptibly small so I don’t really notice them.

As I look back now it is clear that I have recently been through a change of season. Don’t ask what the season I’m now in is — I have no idea, but it is definitely different to where I have been for quite some time.

This transition has inadvertently been reflected on this blog, the lack of posts for the last three weeks is fairly obvious! That was not a planned blogging break’, I just become preoccupied and busy with other concerns which pushed the priority of blogging further down the to do’ list than it had been for a while. But I haven’t abandoned the blog!

However, noticing that the season is changing for me has caused an evaluation of what role this blog should have and I have made some tentative decisions.

From it’s beginning, Words of Eternal Life has intentionally been very focussed on God and living the Christian faith. This helped me overcome the massive barrier to publishing anything I wrote by reassuring myself that if I strictly kept to writing about God stuff’ and stayed within conservative theological boundaries then the product should be edifying to others.

Gradually I grew in courage enough to actually write my own thoughts instead of regurgitating ideas from people whose opinions I looked up to, and even let some of myself show through in my posts. This worked fine and challenged me to be feeding on the Bible and ensuring I had biblically sound ideas to share.

Surprisingly to me, some of what I have written about over the last 3 years has been very personal and disclosed some real struggles. This has been good.

More recently I wanted to be able to post other thoughts about life in general which were not particularly Christian focussed and so started another blog for random musings — a few posts about books I’ve read, some new words I learned and a couple of posts about obscure things I had read. The intention was to simply have somewhere to collect such ideas without feeling any pressure to fully finish the thinking before posting it.

I also have another web project in development which is taking a lot of work and is very geeky (I’m a science geek). This will be an ongoing project, diverting my attention somewhat from here.

So, my intention is to merge the few posts of my random blog into this one and allow the focus of future posts to range more widely than the topics I’ve previously written about. By freeing myself to be less constrained in my writing I hope to maintain a reasonable posting frequency and possibly make things more interesting too.

I realize that widening the scope of topics here may put some folks off reading my musings. There are plenty of more theological blogs out there and many more spiritual blogs also. I am still the same author, you may simply get a more rounded perspective of what I’m really like!

Time will tell whether my writing actually changes or not.

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