Back in the ‘old days’ of blogging, blogrolls were a normal and useful way to discover new websites that were worth reading. I think they still serve a useful purpose so am listing here some of my favourite places on the internet.


  • Squeaky Clean Amygdala A friend and pastor who often has profound things to say.
  • The Mammals and Me A friend who writes about the trials and tribulations of managing a household of mammals of various species. Hana can have you in fits of laughter.
  • Seth Godin: I’ve followed this blog on and off over the years. Currently it is reminding me that it is possible to write something of quality every day.
  • Tony Woodlief: A Christian writer from North Carolina.


  • The Daily Pnut: An enjoyable roundup of the news and often some good links to interesting articles. (Weekdays.)
  • Future Crunch: An optimistic update of science and technology progress.
  • Sidebar: Five design links, a lot that is not useful to me but usually one or two of interest. (Daily.)
  • Tech Crunch: the Daily Crunch, top tech stories of the day in a concise summary. I don’t often click through to the actual articles but this keeps me up to date on what is happening. (Daily.)
  • Brain Food: A roundup of the posts on Farnam Street for the last week and what the authors consider the best articles they have read in the previous week. I always find at least one good article in here. (Once a week, on Sunday.)
  • CJ Chivers: A weekly roundup of the author’s most recent blog posts and other interesting links. (Once a week, on Saturday.)
  • Recomendo: A weekly newsletter with 6 recommendations of cool stuff. Of varying value, but easy to scan so I stay subscribed.
  • Offscreen: “A thoughtful, human-centred take on technology and the web. Discover purpose-driven people, products, and ideas that shape the digital age.” (Once a week, on Tuesday.)