Blog envy

Even if you think blogs are boring, this guy has some good stuff to say about covetousness:

Trevin Wax talking about covetousness in blogging at the 2010 Band of Bloggers meeting at the T4G conference. (The internet is breaking! Here is the text of what Trevin Wax said)

Covetousness is desiring something beyond what God has given me. At its core such desire is a challenge to God’s sovereign control over my life. I am saying that I think I know better than Him what is best for me to have. So I make an idol of whatever I covet and proudly challenge God all in one desirous moment.

The very scary thing about such a situation is that it is so similar to how our arch-enemy, Satan, fell (Isaiah 14:13). It is also exactly how Adam fell (Genesis 3:6). In both cases they were cast out of God’s presence and so too will I be if I nurture a covetous heart.

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