Moving House

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I have decided to move this website to WordPress. This may seem like no big deal, but it actually means a significant change to how I am approaching and using this site/blog.

(This decision was reversed a few months later in November when I have gone back to a static site)

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Poems I Have Read

photo of a bearded man with dark hair and glasses reading a book set against a dark background

A few years ago I began a challenge to read 1001 poems in 1001 days. Unfortunately I did not complete the challenge within that time frame but it did start me on a good habit of consuming a poem or two for breakfast and sometimes also for lunch or a snack in the evening. I like to savour each poem so one or two at a time is plenty for me. I do find that reading poetry is good to slow me down and help me to ponder the meaning and impact of the poet’s words.

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The Self-ordering Heap

a very messy desk

I want to introduce you to the best ‘productivity hack’ I have ever come across.

This system works with your brain rather than against it as most productivity systems do. There is literally nothing to learn or remember, no software to install, no special equipment necessary. You can begin using this system right now, no setup or installation required!

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