About Mike


As you may have figured, my name is Mike, and this is my personal website. As of July 2017 this site includes almost all of what I have published to the web since 2010, a consolidation of three old blogs and a gradual accumulation of new posts also.

So, who is this guy you ask? Well, I’m in my late forties, married, have three children and a small menagerie of pets (one dog, a budgie and five rabbits). I currently work as a biochemistry technician, previously I’ve been a poisons information officer, technical writer, administrator, research fellow, and student.

More important than what I’ve done for jobs is that I’m a Christian and this undergirds everything about my life. This does not mean I’m holier-than-thou, more like acutely aware of my shortcomings and sinfulness.

Because this is the world wide web, I should also mention that I live in Dunedin, New Zealand. A small island nation near the bottom of the world but not part of Australia. We have lots of sheep and cows, not many people (about 4 million), some nice scenery, fascinating native birds and rather changeable weather.

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Me staring into space while on a picnic at Mitchell's Cottage, Central Otago. January 2013
Hanging out with a friendly little Kunekune pig while on holiday at Pleasant Point, Canterbury.

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I just want something here to fil in the gap until I figure out what should be here more permanently. The previous placeholder text was showing up in web searches, at least this indicates that Google has indexed this page!

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Some filler text that I will replace when I have something more interesting to put here.

About this Website

This is my personal website. As such it contravenes the idea of making a website about the visitors because really it is about me and whatever I am interested in.

It is also a bit of an experiment as I am creating the site by hand based upon a template. This means that


Create an About this Site page


Make a useful and interesting About page


Make Home page interesting and fun


Minimize CSS and Javascript files to only what is being used


Get Contact form working


Make a custom 404 page


Optimize site speed


Add all previously published content to the site


Have completed 42 of 325 items so far.


My ideas on this are vague at the moment, but I'd like the Home page to be fun to interact with and an enjoyable experience while also conveying information about me and the things that are important to me.

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I have kept a blog on and off since late 2009, about 325 posts in all. I'm plugging away at adding back the good stuff and may update, consolidate or discard the not-so-good stuff.