A dystopian future?

I’m worried about the growing likelihood that my own children are inheriting a dystopian future of a dying planet and disrupted societies due to the unthinking and selfish actions of big business and individual consumers alike. None of my kids have even left school yet, but they are seeing the climate change that was caused by the last century of burning fossil fuels. Rivers I used to swim in are now polluted with animal excrement and farm runoff. Even the remotest beaches in our country have plastic rubbish washing up on them. Meanwhile our minds and hearts are being manipulated and tracked by technology companies bigger than most nations. Is there any hope?

Actually, I think that’s the wrong question for me to focus on. Whether there is any real hope or not, I cannot do nothing. If all us little people took positive steps to make the world better then it would get better. I’m not naïve enough to think everyone will bother, and much of the world’s population live in such poverty that they cannot do anything to fix the environment. This means that those of us who have choices and motivation to change need to do all we can to stop the deterioration of the earth and our social structures.

I’m not setting out to change the world, what I am aiming for is to change my own thinking and lifestyle such that I have less of a negative impact on the world. This is a learning exercise — learning about the ways my seemingly normal’ lifestyle is impacting the earth, learning how to reduce the bad effects of my impact, and maybe learning how to expand that beyond just me.

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