New year update

Sea lion on the beach at Surat Bay, Catlins.

Another new year with it’s own list of goals, hopes and anxieties. I have made (and am still refining) some particular goals for this year, though I will focus on trying to put them into action rather than going on about them here. I also have a handful of anxieties, particularly with regard to my work, how the kids will fare, and finding my own sense of purpose.

There are also a few projects left over from 2018 that I’m wanting to get finished. These may end up as posts on the blog once they are done. I have a few post ideas up my sleeve and am committing myself to publishing at least one blog post a week this year. Currently I have no particular topic or theme in mind for my writing here in 2019, I’ve decided to keep this space as my personal blog that will cover the range of stuff that rattles around in my head.

My last post here was almost 3 months ago now. Since then life has mostly been the usual work and family stuff. I applied for half a dozen jobs during October and November 2018, none of which obtained the desired outcome. The break from work for three weeks was good, I had really lost momentum by the end of the year.

We had the usual busy time with two kid’s birthdays and Christmas within 10 days, a few days at Surat Bay in the Catlins and a few days in Clyde. I’m back at work now but we will have another short time away in the last week of January. Then it will be full steam into work and school for the whole family.

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