Meeting Stewart Island locals

We recently took our family to Stewart Island to enjoy the unspoiled wilderness there and during our stay met many friendly and interesting locals. The people are really friendly and helpful, and the wildlife also surprisingly accomodating of humans. My eldest daughter and I encountered a kiwi in broad daylight (at 11:15am) as it crossed the track in front of us on Ulva island. That was the highlight of the trip for me, but we were also visited each day by a rowdy group of kaka who hung around town like a gang of teenagers.

We were so inspired by this trip that my wife and I are now dreaming of how to live on the island permanently!

3 thoughts on “Meeting Stewart Island locals

  1. A kiwi out in the open in broad daylight! I don’t think I’ve often seen one in the dark enclosure at the zoo.


    • Hi Chris, yeah I’d only ever seen a kiwi in a darkened captive enclosure before this encounter. Some other people had also seen it on the track about 5 minutes before we did so it must have been quite comfortable in daylight.


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