Focussing on practice

I was reading Chris Bowler’s most recent email newsletter today. In the intro to it he makes the comment:

It has simply been a matter of waiting and looking for the right things to write about. And maybe to focus on practicing more than preaching (always a good thing).

I can identify with both searching for the right things to write about, and especially the focus on practicing rather than preaching. I did go through a period a few years back of literally preaching in church, and often my blogging has been somewhat preachy. My current phase of life one of trying to concentrate more on the practicing aspect.

I am reading the Bible more than I was a year ago, am absorbing what is taught at church rather than arguing with it, and am searching for what my role should be over the next five years or so.

As far as blogging or writing goes, I’m still finding my way. Obviously I’ve not written much over the last few months, instead I have been reading and slowly making a balsa wood toy boat for my son.

I’ve been learning a bit about science writing and creative nonfiction, a potential direction that makes sense of my background and training. However, deep down I would also really like to write fiction so I’m still not sure which direction to move in. I guess the sensible thing would be to do the best I can at one or the other in order to gain practice as the experience can be used whichever way I finally go in.

3 thoughts on “Focussing on practice

  1. Great to hear you’re making a balsa wood boat for your son! Please post a picture when it’s finished.

    Cool, too, to hear that you’re interested in writing fiction. Like you say, practising either kind of writing will benefit your writing in general, but they’re very different kinds of writing, so maybe you need to set aside a bit of time for each. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to write in one genre for a living and another for as an after-hours passion.


    • Hi Chris,
      I will write a post about the boat at some point. It is quite relaxing to work on, though the glue is not so pleasant to inhale.

      You are proof of concept that you can write in one genre at work and another as an after-hours passion! I’m most likely to push forward with some fiction in order to see if the actual writing of it lives up to my expectations. I have some ideas that have been rattling around in my head for a while now and really need to be put onto paper.


      • That’s exciting, Mike! Just remember to turn off the editor part of your brain when you get those first ideas down. Tell it, you’ll get your chance later. 🙂

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