Disadvantages of always carrying a notebook

For at least the last five years I have carried a small notebook in my back pocket, a habit I highly recommend. I very seldom use my iPhone to capture short notes, anything I want to remember goes into my notebook.

However, I’ve discovered a few downsides to always having that notebook in my back pocket:

notebook pocket

I always keep my notebook in the same pocket, with the result that over time it has worn a hole in that pocket of my jeans. I would have thought my phone would have worn a hole, but I must carry the notebook around more than the phone.

This last weekend I was working in our back yard and got a bit wet at one point, with resulting damage to my previously pristine notebook:


It dried out OK so I’m continuing to use it. And the advantage of having used pencil in this notebook is that there were no issues with ink running.

Perhaps I will find more downsides to pocket notebooks as the years go by, but compared to the headaches I’ve had with smartphones over the same time span, old fashioned paper and pencil is remarkably robust.

One thought on “Disadvantages of always carrying a notebook

  1. Five years is good going. I haven’t done it long (or maybe consistently) enough to wear a hole in my pants.

    A few more downsides:

    * It can be a bit uncomfortable when you sit down.
    * Sometimes when you reach into your pocket, the pencil stabs you (I need one of those tip-cover things).
    * I worry that I’m going to break the pencil. I guess that’s better than breaking a phone though, right.

    Having said that, I’m loving using a pencil and notebook more and more. Just need to find a thinner notebook. Might try Field Notes next.


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