Always an idea

I read to discover meaning.

Obviously there is meaning in the words I read. But there is much more than that. I keep reading to experience the jolt of realisation when something finally clicks.

It’s this jarring shock which keeps me searching, drives me to read more.

I read to not understand.

The emotional impact of a poem that baffles me.

Reading is an exploration of the human condition, seeking the edges, searching for the core. Pursuing a phrase that smacks me out of the mundane into profundity. It is a drug, an elusive hit hidden within text. When I find it tectonic shifts of insight occur, a tsunami washes away the dross of trivia.

The effect can last for hours, days, weeks even. Then the search continues for another hit, never knowing where it might be found; a web article, a book, a poem, graffiti in the street. I can’t describe what it might look like, could be a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph or a chapter.

Always it is an idea.

2 thoughts on “Always an idea

  1. “I keep reading to experience the jolt of realisation when something finally clicks.”

    I like that, and I can see you’re experimenting a bit here. Keep it up!


  2. Hi Chris,
    Yep, trying to get a bit more into my writing than my standard fallback style. I’m also using the discipline of writing every day to try lots of topics whether they are ones I know much about or not. Some days I’m tempted to not bother pushing myself to post something but writing a lot more than usual is becoming easier as I press through those barriers. I don’t count weather updates or status updates as part of my daily goal.


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