I took my youngest two children to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery this afternoon and as on other times I’ve been there, wondered why I don’t go more often. The kids enjoyed it, spontaneously posing in a ‘life imitates art’ posture in front of one picture.

I’m finding that as I grow older my appreciation of art is becoming more liberal so found myself understanding the work of contemporary artists more than I have in the past.

Gordon Walters: New Vision

There was a major exhibition of the work of Gordon Walters (1919 – 1995) showing how his art developed over time and some of the influences which shaped his work. I found this exploration of how an artist’s work developed fascinating, especially his notes on works in progress.

What inspired me about this is how Walters was able to take very simple forms and create beautiful works of art. On the surface it looks simple and mathematical but seeing the complexity of his notes shows a fascinating depth of thought going into each painting. This inspires me to also create, to somehow take the complexity of life and communicate this through simple forms.

3 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Although my primary creative material is words, I’m also really inspired by visual art.

    Do you read John P. Weiss’s blog ( He’s an ex-cop who’s a writer, cartoonist, and landscape painter. I quite enjoy his blog.

    Good to see you writing regularly, Mike. Keep it up!


    • Hi Chris,
      Yes, I do follow John P. Weiss now after reading a post you recommended about how he decided to go back to a more personal style of blogging. I do enjoy reading his work.

      I have set myself a personal challenge to publish 365 posts in 2018. It is hard some days but other times I think of stuff to write easily. It is good discipline to force myself to produce something each day.


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