Inspiration (5 min Friday)

I’m climbing back on the Five Minute Friday train again. This is where we are given a single word prompt and write for five minutes on the word of the week. This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write. 

The word for this week is: Inspire

For me inspiration seems to work best when it is an accidental thing, like cleaning up the back yard because I happened to start by picking up a few things that need to be put away before it rains and hours later I’m still going.

Creativity can happen in a similar way, I do some housekeeping on my blog or am jotting notes or random to-do items in my notebook and begin to let my thoughts wander, with the thoughts flow some words and if I can let the words keep coming without too much editing (I can be an obsessed editor!) soon pages begin to fill and something of value may emerge from the mess of notes. Equally likely it remains just a mess of notes but if that mess was never written down no useful creation would ever happen.

I guess in this way I’m a classic ‘ideas in the shower’ sort of person, once I relax, let my mind wander (and feet too, a walk is always a good writing prompt!) the ideas are able to come. As long as I cling to worries, anxiety, problems to resolve, creativity is hindered. If my body can relax (shower, snooze, walking, gardening are all good mechanisms) my mind may well follow and a relaxed mind is able to find inspiration in the most mundane of places.

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10 thoughts on “Inspiration (5 min Friday)

  1. I agree, I find inspiration is one of those things you can’t plan for, but I love those moments when it just flows. I often have some of my best thoughts as I’m waking up first thing in the morning, so I try to keep a notebook nearby to jot them down before I forget. Visiting from Five Minute Friday- good to connect with you!


    • Hi Lesley, Thanks for stopping by. Having a notebook close to hand is something I live by. So much so that the back pocket of my jeans tend to wear holes that are notebook shaped!


  2. You’ve hit it, Mike. Inspiration comes when we release the worries and stress. For me, it often comes in the mundane. And YES, to writing down all those words!


  3. I agree, some of my best ideas come in the shower, while gardening, or while walking. Many of them also arrive through conversation with others. I enjoyed my visit here today! Your #FMF neighbor #16.


  4. Good insight, Mike, and it’s cool to see another dude here. I was starting to cast covetous eyes upon my wife’s eyeliner.

    Being in God’s waiting room, as it were (terminality isn’t a condition, it’s an assignment, I figure) I often let my mind simply spin free when trying to breathe past the pain. And then, sometimes, inspiration comes.

    And sometimes, it don’t. But no matter. I can always write about my chief service dog, a Queensland Heeler, running in panic because she thinks I may puke on her again.

    #1 at FMF this week.


  5. Ah, yes. I can relate. I intend to only to do a little and then feel the urge to do more. It’s great when tackling a project, but so not good if I’m in the store shopping. Blessings to you, Mike. Just stopping by from FMF. Haven’t seen you on here before, so welcome!


    • Hi Paula, I can see the connection – the idea junkyard is a great metaphor, in some ways my WordPress drafts folder serves a similar purpose.


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