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Micropub test

I’m trying out the Micropub plugin for WordPress as a way to add short updates to my site.

However, The thought does occur to me that if I’m solely using Micropub to post to my own blog it would be simpler to use the WordPress app that I already have installed on my phone to write a short update that serves the same purpose. As yet I don’t automatically publish my posts to other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, but this is easy to turn on. So the question is why bother with yet another way to send stuff to my blog when I already have several available?

I acknowledge that the IndieWeb folks are much smarter than me, but are they trying to fix a problem here that already has an existing solution? I guess that is not the case if you are not using something like WordPress.


  1. Hi, Mike.

    I haven’t seen the app, but doesn’t it make it simpler and quicker to post short updates?

    I would have thought there’d be a few more clicks (including selecting a template) involved in doing it in WordPress, which would make it tiresome over time.


    • Unfortunately I can’t use the app on my phone because it is in a limited release currently so I’m waiting for an invite to sign in.
      For someone who posts lots of status updates any extra steps would be a pain but I would probably only use it once or twice a day max so any solution that doesn’t require another plugin and app will win out.


      • How did you manage to do a test, then? Is there some other way to send a message to the API provided by the plugin?

        That makes sense that you don’t need it if you’re only going to send a couple of updates a day.

        Like you say, it would benefit those who are going to send a lot of updates–and maybe those who don’t want the WordPress app installed on their phone.

        I like the theme, by the way. I’ve always liked Independent Publisher. What better name for a theme used on an IndieWeb site. 🙂


        • There is a web API you can use to test that it’s all working. There are some hacks to use editorial on iOS but I haven’t tried that.

          I like the fonts and layout of Independent Publisher, I can’t decide whether to keep the sidebar or push that stuff to the footer.


          • Ah, right. I’ll remember that if I comes to test it.

            Haha, I had the same problem (trying to choose whether to have the sidebar or a single-column layout) when I used it too. Although I’ve been a fan of minimal, single-column layouts, I’m actually swinging back towards liking a sidebar with widgets; I think it encourages people to explore more. And it certainly looks nice in this theme.


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