Rock bottom

The inside of an old industrial chimney shaft photographed from the bottom - circular stone wall with tree growing from it and blue sky with white clouds in the opening in the centre, verticalIn 2014 I hit rock bottom.

In just one year I dug myself into a huge credit card debt, gained 10 kg of excess weight, was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in a suicidal state, and almost ruined my marriage. Not my best effort.

Fortunately my depression has improved and my wife is graciously giving me a chance to make things better. I urgently need to change how I “do life”. This year my blog will trace my journey to ‘a better me’.

This is not about ‘radical’ or extreme changes, there is no room for such things when I am in debt, have health problems and have to work full time to support my family. It is also not a quest for perfection, all of us let ourselves and others down every day. What I am aiming for is to be a better person. Not perfect, not even ‘the best’, just better than I am now.

Because I have made such a mess of things and failed in a multitude of ways, this self-improvement project will range over many areas. Of particular interest to me is how to make changes stick and finding what will have the biggest payoff for even small improvements.

3 thoughts on “Rock bottom

    • Hi Chris,
      Thank you, prayers are very much appreciated. I was unsure if I even wanted to publish this post but the fear convinced me I needed to – fears in various forms caused much of the nightmare I lived through in 2014 so I am learning to face them. I’m determined to make 2015 a year of growth, in fact I can’t afford not to, so thanks for the book recommendation. For less than a dollar I can afford this one!


      • No problem, Mike. I think fear is one of the major barriers to growth, and this book addresses that. I hope you like it and find it helpful.


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