Is there room for another Christian blog?

I’ve been mulling over whether I should write about something other than faith. It seems that there are already thousands of ‘faith blogs’ and maybe this space is already full.

On just one directory of Christian themed blogs there are over 2750 blogs listed. Alexa has 63,328 sites listed in the category of ‘Christianity‘. This includes all types of websites, not just blogs, but that’s a large number and these are only Alexa’s “Top Sites”.

Whatever the actual number, there are a huge number of Christian ‘faith blogs’. Why add yet another one?

I have two main reasons:

1) Writing about faith in Christ keeps me focused on this topic, which I want to remain central to my own life.

2) Surprisingly to myself even, I do have a unique story and can add something to the discussion of how we live our faith in the real world.

I used to think that I was a very boring person who leads a boring life. In some ways this is true, but life has thrown enough at me by now to add some flavour into the mundane details of an ordinary life. The ordinariness is even an aspect of what differentiates this blog. I am not a pastor, I don’t work for a Christian organisation and consider my calling is to be in the secular work world.

Because I write as just another ordinary Christian, I’m not out to correct your theology or portray a spotless life of exemplary faith – my job security doesn’t hinge upon a flawless outward appearance. The primary goal of this blog is to be an encouragement. This is the filter I want to be using in deciding what to write about, “is this something encouraging to other Christians?”

So, despite the size of the Christian blogosphere, A Saved Wretch does have it’s own particular flavour, hopefully one that appeals to and encourages some readers.

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2 thoughts on “Is there room for another Christian blog?

  1. It’s a good question, Mike. And I often think the sheer quantity of different opinions and perspectives in the Christian blogosphere is unhelpful. But I’ve chosen to add to the number for much the same reasons you have: primarily, because it helps my own faith, but also because I believe God’s given me something to say that will encourage a group of readers that maybe few other bloggers are reaching.

    Keep writing, Mike. You do have something to say, and I appreciate your distinctly down-to-earth and Kiwi flavour!


    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the encouragement. Good that you mentioned the Kiwi flavour, it is something that we don’t tend to notice about our own writing just as we don’t notice our own accent or culture but I suspect that it also contributes to the value of what we can offer in our blogging. So much of what is on the internet comes out of the USA and it is good to add other cultural perspectives which may help to cast light that highlight the shadows in American christian viewpoints. Each culture has it’s own blind spots and we all gain when these are revealed, usually by folks outside of that culture.


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