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I used to love starting each new year at school with brand new stuff. Fresh school books, new pens and pencils, a whole ruler. Such an invitation to create when everything is fresh and clean and new, much nicer than the tatty books, stubs of pencil and broken ruler from the end of last year. Unfortunately my proclivity towards messiness meant it never took long for the newness to wear off and the ruler to be snapped in two.

So, now I have a fresh new website, shiny and unspoiled by my lousy taste and general scruffiness. What I do not have is a school teacher to tell me what I must write on it. Faced with uninhibited choice my brain has fritzed and left me uninspired.

Although I enjoy writing, it is much easier to read what others have written or to dick around playing computer games. And thus a month has passed, I have paid for web hosting and used it for owt.

If nothing else, the many hundreds of once pristine pages which became filled with scrawled notes and cross-outs have taught me that although the ‘finished’ product never really feels finished to my satisfaction and always disappoints me, the process of getting to it is what is most valuable. After those pages have been incinerated upon another ritual bonfire of freedom, it is the ability to create them again that stays with me.

This realisation acts as a catalyst to overcome the barrier to publishing on this nice new blog. Although Google and the so-called SEO experts will spout forth that ‘content is king’, it is in fact the process which reigns. The little, messy, muddled steps of writing posts which in time I will want to cast upon a bonfire serve to help a writer grow.

So here’s to the ability to write a little better tomorrow than we do today. Cheers!