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Keep going back to Christ

A couple of comments from the internet resonated with me this week:

The first is a good reminder that being ordinary and of no great talent is normal in God’s Kingdom and cannot be used as an excuse for not being fully obedient to Christ:

The truth is…people who live all out for God were not made more special.  They just tasted something good and kept going back for it. (Lisa WhittleIf We Only Knew)

When I look at myself and despair of ever being useful to God it is a correct response – of myself I am nothing. Only in Christ do I have anything to give of value. This is not humility; consider how many truly talented or gifted people you know. Such people stand out in our minds because they are unusual, most of us are pretty average, generally selfish, and struggling to keep our own lives in order.

Occasionally, however, an average, struggling person gives of their life for others in preference to a life of selfishness. It is a rare thing, most times such people are followers of Christ who appear happy to forsake worldly pursuits in order to do His work rather than their own. To meet these people can at times be disappointing, no profound difference from you or I, they feel anxiety about having enough money to pay the bills, they become tired and exhausted, even wondering if what they do in the name of Jesus is in vain. The primary attribute that distinguishes these servants of Christ is a persistent, dogged conviction that no cost is too great to know God.

I freely admit to not being such a person yet. So I gain encouragement from the idea that being a great person is not required, even having great faith is not necessary. All I need is small faith in our great God, faith which is persistent and keeps coming back to Jesus regardless of how often or how far I may drift from Him.

In this I found another helpful snippet on the web:

 … I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy. (Psalm 43:4)

God promises to be your exceeding joy, not because of what He gives, but because of who He is.  When we behold and worship Him we have infinitely more joy than we have in anything else. (Steve FullerFive Promises to Help Your Times With God)

Joy in God is not instant but grows as I return to Him again and again and again, seeking Him in preference to the multitude of other distractions in life.