Back on track

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Stuck because I’ve been off the road!

Do you ever have, “how could I have been so dumb” experiences? When you suddenly realise you’ve had something completely wrong, especially if it has been in front of other people.

I had such an experience this week, and the dumbness has been public – on this blog in fact.

For several months I have been floundering around trying to ‘figure out’ what I want to be writing about, in some ways wanting to imitate others who have sophisticated artistic blogs. The problem being that the creators of such blogs are sophisticated artistic people whose passion is creating fantastic work. In my more realistic moments I have to concede that such a description does not fit me well.

Then I happened to be reading 1 John chapter 2, particularly:

And the world is passing away along with it’s desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. (1 John 2:17)

Suddenly I could see why I felt so stuck for writing inspiration – there is a topic I am passionate about: God and knowing Him through Jesus Christ. The reason I’ve been stuck is because I haven’t even been on the road! Heading off on my own path has simply resulted in me becoming lost.

After resolving to focus on writing about ‘God stuff’, the ideas have begun to flow again. Back on track!

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4 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. I had to smile when I read this, Mike, because I can so relate to it. In fact, I’ve decided to move back to Blame Lewis for much the same reason.

    I started that blog because I was encouraged by other writers – faith writers – and I wanted to do the same for other people.

    The artistic ideas are cool, and I’ve got plenty of those – maybe for another blog – but, for me, nothing is as satisfying as writing about God and encouraging other people along the way.

    Grace and peace to you!


    • Good to hear Chris, I noticed you seemed to be trying a few ideas for size lately. I feel good about getting back on track too. The domain was coming up for renewal in a month and I was wondering if it was worth renewing but none of the other ideas I had were really hitting the mark. I suspect God allowed me to flounder around for a bit to be able to see that He does actually want me to be writing here in particular.

      It is amazing what some folks are able to create and I love reading their work. I can certainly learn plenty more about communicating well but I don’t think that is where my focus should be. We all have different giftings.


      • My problem is I over-think and over-complicate things, then can’t make up my mind.

        I’m so thankful God saves me from most of my “good ideas” and brings me back to what he wants. That’s where the life is!


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