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Called to freedom

For you were called to freedom, brothers.
(Galatians 5:13 ESV)

Dear Father,

To me the Shan culture is foreign and strange. I could stand here afar off and judge how they do things, even how the Shan churches function.

There are ways in which it seems they lack freedom, but who am I to talk of freedom when I grew up in a land free from war and oppression of my people. Yet I have lived in bondage to sin, as do all people.

Please free the Shan Dai Christians from sin and traditions of men. May they be free in Christ to follow the fervent evangelistic example of the apostle Paul in taking the gospel always further to places where it is unknown.

I pray that in Your mercy and grace You will give peace, joy and great freedom to the Shan Dai Christians.


1 Peter 2:9 – But you are a Chosen Race, A royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation…

A priesthood of believers – There are around 7 million Shan Dai. Less than 0.1 % of them know the Lord.  Among those that do know the Lord, many have formal churches. They have many rules about ordination, and how pastors are the only ones that can baptize and serve communion. Many that want to serve must first go to a 3 year Bible school in another language. There are too few of these ordained pastors to go out among the 7 million unreached Shan nation. The lay people must be trained and sent out.

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