Whats the story

This week’s 5 Minute Friday prompt: ‘Story’

“What’s the story?”

I hate those words.

As a kid it usually meant I was about to be busted for my latest misdemeanor and had to think real fast to generate an explanation both plausible and least incriminating.

Even as an adult the phrase causes anxiety like seeing a police car in the rear view mirror. It causes my failings to surge into my consciousness – can I blame not meeting a deadline on something other than my own incompetence?

Years pass, my story gets longer, murkier, messier. The stuff I’d like to have left behind twenty years ago surfaces at inopportune times and mistakes I should have learned from end up repeated. New chapters are written containing a distressing mix of beauty and weakness, love and lunacy.

It would be nice to live even a short chapter in this life without failing, stumbling or stuffing up. Fortunately the Author and Editor has chosen to expunge the bad bits from the new me He is creating.


Sorry for having been erratic in writing lately, a good thing about 5 minute Friday is I feel less internal pressure to write well – the point is to just write! Have a good weekend those to get to have one (I have to work 😦 ).

6 thoughts on “Whats the story

  1. Don’t you love that the Editor, the Creator, the Publisher isn’t done with us yet? And that He will probably use our stories at just the perfect time to give hope to someone else?

    Anticipating what He will do!


    • Hi Linda,
      Sorry for the slow reply – been on holiday. It is good to anticipate God doing good with our stories in His perfect time. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. BAM! Had to read your post after seeing the pic and thinking it was a NZ cop car!! Aren’t we all works in progress? Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Hi Dana,
    Yes, it can be hard to see the the beauty in this life at times. I think this is where memories (and journals and photographs) play a big role – clinging to the memories of seeing the colours during those times when all around is grey.


  4. Hi Fiona,
    Yep it is a NZ cop car – though if you look closely it is photoshopped into the mirror and the mirror is angled for a car that drives on the right side of the road!


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