Expecting God to answer

This week’s 5 minute Friday topic is expectation:


whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.
(Matthew 21:22 ESV)

Cute little boy gets a birthday gift from his father. White background.I should expect answers when I pray. It would be a lie to say I always do.

Perhaps this is why I pray non-specific prayers in front of my kids, prayers which could be answered by imperceptible progress so it is harder to say definitively whether the answer has been given or not?

Why such difficulty in believing that God will give me what I ask for in prayer? Logically I know it doesn’t depend upon how well I pray, whether I select the right words, or even if I get the theology exactly correct. God, the big powerful One, He gives the answers – it all depends on Him, not me.

Jesus told us what we need in order to receive what we ask for: faith.

Faith, the same stuff which got me saved. I have no problem trusting God for my salvation, my ever-present weakness helps me to be always trusting in Christ not myself. Surely this is what He was saying about praying, ask in faith based on who Jesus is and have an expectation that He who knows all I need and ask for will give it to me.


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6 thoughts on “Expecting God to answer

    • Hi Colline,
      Yes, God’s prerogative to answer our prayers as He sees fit is something we have to factor in. Even so, I have to be honest and admit that I don’t always have faith that all my prayers will be answered – I’m not sure why.


      • Sometimes we ourselves are not sure that what we are asking for is the right thing for us. I know that when I have this doubt it transfers into my doubting that I will receive what I have asked for.


        • Wise words Colline, I think this is often the case when I doubt. This is different to the ‘groans that words cannot express’ when we cry out to God earnestly desiring His will. It is more of an asking for comfort yet knowing this is not necessarily what is needed to train me in holiness.


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