Missing them

My Friday effusion of words in 5 minutes. The theme today is together, something I have both been greatly blessed with and am also missing all in a single week.


Alone at work in the middle of the night.

I don’t enjoy this. I want to be at home with my wife and three children, together in the same house, sharing our lives.

This separation is the way it has to be during this particular season. There are some benefits but the cost of separation is high. For some, perhaps, not having the family routine we had become so accustomed to would be a trivial thing. I have a good job, an adequate income, this is a great blessing.

Yet the evening routine with it’s ‘jungle hour’ when the kids become hyped-up and unruly, the wrestling of baths and pyjamas and nappies while trying to catch snippets of today’s news and tomorrow’s weather from the telly. Wanting to collapse with a cup of tea, just my lovely wife and I, but needing to do the bedtime routine first. The dishes to wash, toys to pick up yet again, stories to read for the hundredth time (does he ever tire of Thomas¬†the Tank Engine?).

I miss these things, the mess of being a family together.


4 thoughts on “Missing them

  1. Visiting from Gypsy Mama’s blog.

    Sounds like a hard situation, good luck pulling through it. Sound like you already know how lucky you are to have a good job to support a great family.


  2. Hi Liz & Dolly,
    It’s not too bad, I do shift work so some weeks get to work daytime hours and others am on evenings or nights. For many years I bemoaned having a normal ‘9 to 5’ job, now I long for it! I’m one of those people who fails to appreciate what I have until I no longer have it.


  3. I feel the lack of the evening routine as well when I am not home. But in not being home with them at the moment, you are providing for them in other ways. Are you able to participate in a crazy morning routine?


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