God doesn’t wrap His gifts

It is 5 minute Friday in which I write feverishly for five short minutes, find a picture to fit my story and then post without reworking and rewording the entire thing before being brave enough to publish!
Today our prompt is gift.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,
(Ephesians 2:8 ESV)

I get the impression that God does not like fancy gift wrap.

He made a man out of dirt! Then He made his wife from one of his ribs.

God’s greatest gift to us came as an ordinary baby in a grubby stable, wrapped in swaddling cloths and placed in a feed trough. Then the epitomy of His generosity and giving was a bloodied mess of whipped, scourged flesh dying on a torture instrument.

Jesus gave us his peace – un wrapped. He gave us His Holy Spirit, again with no nice wrapper. We are given treasure of value we do not understand, wrapped in jars of clay.

If my mother gave me a birthday present wrapped in brown paper I would be a little disappointed in her lack of effort. Yet God has given me gifts I do not fully comprehend and they are without any wrapping I can see, though I cannot say I have truly unwrapped them yet.

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7 thoughts on “God doesn’t wrap His gifts

  1. Oh Mike, we were thinking along the same lines this morning. I am learning again and again to see God’s gifts in a new light. Jesus wasn;t the crown wearing, purple-robed king the Isrealites expected, and too often I turn my face right past the greatest gifts, because it doesn’t look like I expect it to. Thank you for this reminder. I am living these words lately. Blessings, my friend.


  2. I thought the same thing this morning…so many gifts are given to us, but wrapped in such unusual packages…although of course that’s how it is…the creator of the Hippo or the caterpillar probably isn’t so much into hallmark wrapping paper….good post. very thought provoking


  3. So true. God doesn’t wrap His gifts because He wanted us to have them without the hassle of ripping open the package it is hidden in. Lovely post.


  4. Oh my, how insightful. His gits are unspeakable, not trival birthday presents hiding behind bright trappings. Somehow it seems that the wrapping of such would cheapen His gifts.


  5. Good point – when God can create such wonders why would he resort to wrapping paper! Our culture trains us to look for shiny things so when God uses different packaging I can find it hard to recognize the gifts.


  6. It also seems that God likes to just quietly give us good gifts without fanfare so leaves them unwrapped and useful. He often slips His gifts to us into life almost undetected.


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