Wow, another week gone and it is 5 minute Friday again.
The task – write for 5 minutes based on the prompt grit:

When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.
(Luke 9:51 ESV)

Grit, immediately makes me think of gravel and the gravel rash from falling off my bike going fast down a hill. That pain and stinging of grit in an open wound, then the additional pain of having all that grit removed so the wound can heal.

The muck which gets into our open wounds from the bumps and scrapes of life does need to be removed so we can heal rather than letting it fester and rot.

But grit can be put to work also – as sandpaper for smoothing wood, in polishing stones to make beautiful gems. Starting with course grit and progressively using finer and finer grit until a sparkling polish results. The abrasiveness that destroys skin can be used to make beauty.

Then there is the other meaning of grit – to be resolute. As Jesus resolutely set His face toward Jerusalem – to meet the awful destiny awaiting Him. He did not shrink back, if He had we would all perish.

So, in the gritty mess and woundedness of life today, I need to resolutely set my face towards God, get back on my bike and pedal fast to meet the destiny God has for me.

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9 thoughts on “Grit

  1. I love this mike. So many ways the word impacts us, I also thought about sandpaper and how it is used to smooth down the rough. Thank you for this today 😉


  2. “As Jesus resolutely set His face toward Jerusalem – to to meet the awful destiny awaiting Him. He did not shrink back, if He had we would all perish.” Love this. Great five minute post!


    • Hi Eileen,I sort of imagine Jesus gritting his teeth and willing himself onward during that last journey to Jerusalem. Paul did a similar thing when he determined to go to Jerusalem even when prophets told him he would be arrested. It both inspires and shames me to consider that so many of the early disciples make such choices to give their lives for Christ.


  3. WOW….it’s interesting that one little word can come up with so much great stuff. I think it’s great how many of us saw it as a refining thing. Thanks!!


    • Hi Bobbi,I was surprised myself once I began writing. Initially I looked at the word for this week and wondered what on earth I could write. So I read a few of the post others had written to get my brain inspired.


  4. Visiting from Gypsy Mama’s blog.
    I love the thought of using grit to polish into something new. And how true it is that the grit hurts going in and being removed, but you are right when you say we cannot heal until we remove it.


    • Hi MWC,I used to polish stones as a kid so the word ‘grit’ brought this to mind. I loved seeing something dull become sparkling and polished as the grit used got finer and finer until it was actually a light powdery substance yet still hard enough to wear away any scratches on the stones.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. I really enjoyed your post today. I love the thought that the grit is needed in the refining process. It didn’t escape me that this could also be painful! No pain, no gain, right?! Thanks for sharing today.


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