Ordinary me and ordinary you

There are many, many days that I question why I blog. I read the blogs of some very talented people – great writers who lead busy lives and seem to walk much closer to Jesus than I do. Many of these folks have suffered much, travelled, served Christ and overcome obstacles beyond my comprehension.
Whereas I am just plain old average. I was going to write ‘very average’ but that would be overstating the case and adding the idea of excelling at being average, I don’t, I’m just average. My academic record is average (all B’s and C’s, not many ‘pointy grades’), my income is average, even the size of my family is average! The main points of difference about me are my height (short) and my house (small). One of my struggles in life is finding anything interesting to write in my Twitter bio.

Point of difference

So what purpose does an ordinary person like me have in writing stuff for the whole world to see? (If they chose to look – they don’t!)

Marketing gurus like to tell us that whatever we are trying to publish needs to have a ‘point of difference’ so that people will be interested. This makes good sense in a marketplace crowded with stuff and an internet congested with blogs.

Within contemporary New Zealand culture my point of difference is that I am a Christian. In our very secular society a person has to be pretty committed to be an active church goer with a deep faith in Jesus Christ. Still, there are plenty of other Christians in NZ, some of whom write blogs and most of those folks are more educated, opinionated and articulate than me.

So I suppose my ‘point of difference’ is that I’m just an ordinary Christian living in a secular society and trying to figure out what it means to trust Jesus while working to pay the bills.

Ordinary folks welcome!

Given that I’m just an ordinary guy with no special training in theology or such like, I do not set out to teach deep theological truths on this blog or argue about fine points of doctrine. Theology and doctrine are important to me but I have learned over the years that God uses people with inadequate understanding about Him – He has to because nobody fully understands God.

All I’m really aiming to do is share the reality of striving to live for Christ in an ordinary life. Not the life of a missionary or pastor or scholar, just plain old making ends meet in the context of work and family.

 I’m not the only person to think this way:

Because your story matters more than your stats

Image of me: taken by my wife

6 thoughts on “Ordinary me and ordinary you

  1. I gave up blogging for quite a while last year. It was for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. I loved Gypsy Mama’s post. We all have a story to tell.

    How cool to be in New Zealand. I have a friend there. Yep. Just one. Lol


    • Hi Amy,
      Welcome! And thanks for commenting. Lisa-Jo’s post was great confirmation to me that it is worthwhile continuing to write and especially about God stuff. I thought after writing this post that living in NZ is possibly an interesting thing to many folks. I have never known anything else so it just seems normal to me and places like the USA or Canada or England sound exciting. I guess we all live ‘normal’ lives where we call home.


  2. I love this post, Mike. And there is something special about you—a point of difference—that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe, it’s simply that you love God, and you’re willing to write about it, from your unique perspective.

    As you mentioned, there’s a big push in blogging circles to have a “point of difference”. While I think it’s true, I’m starting to take that (and some of the other advice) with a grain of salt now. I think if you be yourself, and write about what you’re passionate about, you will have a point of difference.

    Please don’t stop writing/blogging. You definitely have something worthwhile to say, and it encourages me every time I stop by here.

    God bless what you’re doing here!


  3. oh my goodness how I can relate! And yes, NZ sounds way cooler than Wisconsin. 🙂 I have to fight the urge to not think that my voice isn’t heard because it isn’t different or more compelling than anyone else. It’s hard. Yesterday was one of those days that I backed away from my pen and wondered if I would pick up again. Hang in there – keep your voice here. There’s plenty of us ordinary folks that are interested 🙂


  4. Hi Tara (and Chris),
    Thanks for your encouraging comments. I’m definitely not going to stop blogging, I like writing too much to give up! I haven’t posted anything for about a week because I have been working nights and end up really brain-dead at such times so have just been working, sleeping, eating and scanning what is happening on Facebook & Twitter (when I probably should have been reading more constructive stuff!). There are loads of half-written posts in my drafts folder so some new posts will be due next week.


  5. I, too, am very average. Average intellect. Average height. Average size family. …and I, too, wonder—often— what I have to say, give or write to the world “at large”. Too many times I have “decided” to stop blogging—and, yet… I keep writing. And, maybe, just maybe someone will connect with, be encouraged or comforted by the words that come from my typing. …yours did today for me.
    We, ALL, so average. And, yet SO beautifully unique. You, Mike.. so average… and so wonderfully unique. Loved reading this post. It couldn’t have been written by anyone BUT you. Your words. Thank you for sharing them.


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