A few scribbles

I was tempted to skip my usual eucharisteo post this week, then read this today: The Most Exquisite Pleasure I Have Ever Had

Giving thanks – as much and as often as we can for as many things as we can – is one of the most important spiritual habits we can cultivate.

This is more than just keeping a list of stuff I am happy about, in cultivating a habit of thanksgiving I am thanking a particular person (God) for what He has placed in my life.

While thinking about this during the day one of my children had a tantrum and disappeared into a bedroom. Later we discovered the damage – pencil scribbles all over the bedroom wall. Not exactly something we were thankful for!

Why would a child do this, knowing full well that it is naughty? We are not quite sure, there are a few issues with that child, this is likely to be partly related, and partly just plain naughtiness. A discipline challenge and maybe another small piece in a behavioural puzzle.

Gifts I have noticed today:

818) Neither parent over-reacted or got angry
819) The incident happened at a time we were able to cope – earlier in the day I was on a short fuse!
820) The scribbles were in pencil, an eraser got it off
821) Grandparents coming to visit
822) Fresh apricots (the taste of sunshine as my wife says)
823) Chocolate frogs (the cause of the tantrum)
824) Better behaviour from naughty child this evening
825) We are gradually figuring out how this child interacts with the world
826) Still feeling love towards all my kids even when I simultaneously feel frustrated, angry, tired and fed up with them.

Photo of child drawing on wall: bamby-bhamby (iStock)

2 thoughts on “A few scribbles

  1. So many times we just focus on an incident and are then seemingly blind to God’s grace in the surrounding happenings. Love your ability to see and acknowledge the good things.


    • Hi Dianne,
      It did take me a while to be ale to think of anything to be thankful for from this incident. Fortunately I was thinking about gratitude so decided this was a good time to practise!


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