Chained to heaven

Joining today in 5 minute Friday led by Lisa-Jo, the gypsymama,  who posts a single word prompt. The idea is to write for 5 minutes based on the prompt without stopping to edit or fix up punctuation. This week’s word is:


I have been a bit ‘out of sorts’ this week. There is a fragility and fickleness about being human which can be quite disconcerting and frightening when it comes, taps you on the shoulder and holds a mirror to your soul.

When I see the fractures and failings of myself my instinct is to run away, to cover up, to dig up excuses. Most of all I feel myself sinking into the mess and wonder how to move on through such muddied waters. These are the moments when I reach for reassurance that life will go on as normal and everything will be fine.

Over time, however, I find what I have clung to in the past less comforting. Experience teaches me that those ‘comforts’ are just temporary distractions and what I really need is an unbreakable chain anchoring me to the essence of what life is all about.

I am growing to realize that prayer can be such a chain – anchoring me to God and bringing me right into His presence. The ultimate connection to the only reason to truly live.

Image of chain sculpture: letavua

7 thoughts on “Chained to heaven

    • It was amazing to see this Friday’s word prompt was ‘connection’ because it was only earlier in the day that I was thinking about these things and realized that praying and connecting with God is my best way to get ‘grounded’ in what really matters. Connecting with friends matters too – I suspect that the best friendships come from at least one person being well connected with God.


  1. Beautiful imagery here. There’s something about a chain, isn’t there? Strength as a whole, but made up of individual links…


  2. Hi Becca,
    Very true. We hear a lot about ‘the weakest link’, but when all the links are strong a chain is a fantastic image. (Actually I had seen this photo previously and it stuck in my mind, great to have a good way to use it!)


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