Deranged by darkness

Several of the blogs I regularly read participate in 5 minute Friday led by Lisa-Jo Baker, who posts a single word prompt. The idea is that each person simply writes for 5 minutes based on the prompt without stopping to edit or fix up punctuation.
I’ve often wanted to have a go at this but never gotten around to it. However, today the word prompt is exactly what has been on my mind this last week or so and I had been considering writing something but didn’t quite know how to start. So here is a bit of a brain dump on the topic of: Tired

I have been thinking a lot about “tired” lately – working night shifts and having only a depressed mind for company I struggle to hold things together sometimes. It is one thing to be tired in daylight hours when there is light to see by, but in the dead of night when peering into the blackness simply reflects my soul a heart hangs heavy with waiting for the light. What if today were to be the one day in all of history when it won’t come – finding me here, alone, deranged?

Many hours later, in sunshine, I am rational again, lucid, and thank God that yet again His mercies are new and He did send the light into the world. The light by which even this stumbling soul staggers towards home.


(For a little insight as to where some of these thoughts come from see: Psalm 130:5-6, Acts 2:20, John 1:9, John 12:46)

Also notice why it takes me a long time to write blog posts – I write slow, not many words made it onto the page in 5 minutes!

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8 thoughts on “Deranged by darkness

  1. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for the welcome. A good reason to participate is to get thoughts down faster by practising, though mainly it is because I have often read some really amazing posts linked to 5 Minute Friday – seems like a neat community of folks who link up.


  2. There is such comfort here in hearing your words. In those dark nights of the soul I can make myself so easily believe the lie that I am alone. And your post here is beautiful in its transparency. Thank you.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      Glad you called by. Darkness and night time are strange even when on an ‘even keel’ and in good company, when experiencing soul distress the nights can become a nightmare. Something I really like about the internet is that there is always daylight somewhere and people out there to connect with.


  3. So much in that five minutes! Transparent, real, humble and just so true.
    “What if today were to be the one day in all of history when it won’t come – finding me here, alone, deranged?” We all get there sometimes!
    Thank you so much for your words, your heart.


  4. Mike, I am happy to see that you took at stab at this crazy-scary word game. There is no pressure to fill the page with words, and By reading your words today, I’d say you did an amazing job at this… I found this post to be a little haunting and so very honest. Thank you for this, I will be thinking about this again, as the sun sets, and darkness sets in…. this was really hauntingly beautiful. Thank God for the light that shines always, no matter how dark the hole, His light illuminates for all. God’s many blessings, friend.


  5. Hi Kris,
    Thanks you so much for your encouragement, I was trying to think of something thoughtful to say in reply but am just really encouraged and thankful for what you wrote.


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